@UkraineArtCo harnesses global creative power to #StandWithUkraine by bringing you art donated by Ukrainian and Global creators. All proceeds from our Phase 1 events will be distributed to Razom, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Razom has been providing help and support to Ukraine since 2014.  In response to the Russian invasion, Razom has been providing critical humanitarian war relief and recovery depending on the most urgent needs as they evolve.


As the Ukrainian people fight to preserve freedom, democracy and well-being for their beloved country, they also represent the rest of the world that stands against tyranny and oppression.

Our mission is to unite Global Artists in contributing their creative talents to support humanitarian causes related to the plight of the Ukrainian people in their fight for the #UkrainianDream.

The Collective: Our First Drop

Our first Collection featuring Ukrainian art is LIVE! There are several ways to get involved, support Ukraine and Ukrainian artists today.

How can you participate in our Collective and #StandWithUkraine?


Purchase UkraineArtCo's Original Digital Art NFTs

Check out our current collections of original digital art on Opensea. By purchasing these NTFs not only will you be helping humanitarian needs in Ukraine, but you will become a member of our donor community, which will entitle to a number of unique benefits. Stay tuned for exciting events and opportunities to meet the participating artists and influencers.


Mint your own generative NFT Art based on UkraineArtCo's original art elements.

For the more experienced crypto enthusiasts familiar, we are also offering a lazy minting option on our site. For your donation, you will receive a generative art NFT based on randomly selected original art elements.


Or paste ukraine-art-co.vercel.app into your MetaMask browser.

Connect With the Collective

This will be the first of many drops and events to support Ukraine. Join our volunteers and supporters on Discord, and follow us on our socials.

Featured Artists

Maria Zeltsman
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Anastasia Pitanova
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Alex Nademski
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The Collective Originals
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The Collective: Tomorrow

We know that the Ukrainian people will persevere and win this war with the help of the global community!

We also know that rebuilding Ukraine will take years (and likely decades).

Ukraine Art Collective has plans to expand over time to maintain awareness and focus on supporting the Ukrainian people through this war and beyond!


What can you do?


Sponsors: We are looking for sponsors to advance the Collective’s mission. If you work for a company that might be interested in becoming a partner or a sponsor, please contact us at [email protected]!

Support: We are looking for volunteers to help with marketing, social media, influencer outreach, and partnerships. Please contact us at [email protected]

Artists: The Collective is thrilled to feature Ukrainian and Global artists - both traditional and modern creators. In the next phase, we will allocate a percentage of proceeds to the Artists that contribute their art. Please fill out the form here to apply.

Community: We are looking to build a community and connect in a meaningful way. We will always prioritize open and transparent communications about what we are doing and how we are distributing funds. Please join Discord here.

Social: Please follow us on social and re-share our content.

Our Team

We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs donating time, effort, and money to kick off this project.

Our team has extensive experience in launching and delivering complex projects, and we know it is essential to approach big projects in well-defined and achievable phases.

UkraineArtCo Mike Grushin Headshot

Mike Grushin

Project Lead

As a Ukrainian-born CTO, tech entrepreneur and father, Mike was overwhelmed with a desire to help his fellow Ukrainians. His goal has been to build a sustainable fundraising engine to funnel support to Ukraine through this war and beyond.


Yuliia Deriuhina

Operations and Partnerships

Originally from Kharkiv and now based in New York, Yuliia has a strong connection with both the mission of the Collective as well as the industry. Currently Chief of Staff at the Filecoin Foundation, Web3 is not only her day job but her passion.



Creative Technologist

Bora is a trailblazer at the intersection of Art & Technology and shares his unique capabilities with the Collective to support his many Ukrainian friends and colleagues.


Vadim Keffler


Born in Ukraine, Vadim is also a Tech Entrepreneur deeply committed to supporting Ukraine. He brings his much appreciated tech knowledge and expertise to the Collective.


Yaroslav Yaroslavskiy

Partnerships & Talent

Based in Kyiv, Yaroslav is an entrepreneur who connects extensive biz dev expertise with philanthropic experience.


Alex Nademski

Talent Management

Embedded in the creative industry in Kyiv, Alex enthusiastically mobilizes Ukrainian artists to join the Collective cause and donate their art. Alex is also one of our featured artists.


Leon F.

Project Lead

While Odessa-born Leon is a Managing Director at BlackRock & Cybersecurity expert by day, he spends his evenings working on getting the Collective up and running. He is driven both by his commitment to supporting Ukraine in the current war, and ensuring that there is continued support in the aftermath.


Chris Carter

Socials & Storytelling

Carter is a compassionate content creator and community builder with experience in tv, digital, and live events. He enjoys using his talents to support various causes from injured athletes to at-risk youth and now to stopping the war in Ukraine.


Mike Markle


Based in the United states, Mike has spent the last 15 years as a retail sales manager. He believes in the power of community and is excited to help build this one! He is also deeply passionate about mental health and helping others, so being able to be a part of this team is humbling responsibility and opportunity to show my support.


Jan Umansky


Jan is another Ukraine-born Tech Entrepreneur with extensive experience in broadcast video and data integration for major live television events.

Any many more volunteers and supporters!
Want to join the Collective? Reach out at [email protected].

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